Great Lakes, Gurgaon


The second edition of TEDxGLIMGurgaon by Great Lakes Institute of Management Gurgaon is themed “Odyssey”, representing the journey that millions undergo each day, every year and at various stages in their lives. These journeys don’t always have a smooth path but they have something in common. A happy ending to their story. These stories of the journey that people come across every day are what we aim to present at this year’s TEDxGLIMGurgaon. Various personalities from different backgrounds, industries, and journeys. Odyssey, where the destination is defined by the journey to the pinnacle. It is a day full of action where speakers from diverse backgrounds will peal various layers of their thought process. The event will help people break their chains and think beyond the horizon. It will not only help the audience to excel in professional fronts but will also give them the zeal to stand up to every challenge that life throws at them. At TEDxGLIMGurgaon we have speakers from diverse backgrounds presenting inspiring talks that will motivate the attendees to take action & help change the world around them.